Kitchen: Before and After

While surfing Redfin back in 2013, I discovered this charming, adorable Victorian house that had just hit the market.

I fell in love before I even saw it. It was my “dream home” I told my husband and begged him to go look at it.

You see, after devouring every episode of (then new) Fixer Upper on HGTV, I was hungry to put my design chops to the test, and I somehow convinced my husband to move our family across town and start (what would become) a 4 year project.

Every square inch needed to be painted, re-done, or ripped out. Inside and out. It was decorated in the 80’s and it was STUCK in the 80’s. Wallpaper, orange oak cabinets and trim, yellow and blue walls, an intercom system, and fluorescent lighting to boot.

It all had to go.

So we dove head first into the project like we were Chip and Jo Jo.

Except we were NOT.

We didn’t have a crew of tradesmen and lots of money to spend. Turns out… labor costs in Southern California are WAY HIGHER than they are in Waco Texas.

Like WAY.

So we did it by ourselves. One 1980’s light fixture at a time.

(Little did I know that we would be moving just 4 years later. That’s a story for another blog post…)

But we dug in. And in those 4 years, we COMPLETELY updated that home.

It was crazy!

It was stressful!

It was also rewarding.

And even though, in the end, we chose to move; that home taught me many lessons and will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart.

Here’s some before and after pics. I’ll break it down into several posts. And I’ll try to give a source list at the end of each.

Starting with the kitchen….




24135 Wildwood Canyon Rd 11
24135 Wildwood Canyon Rd 10
24135 Wildwood Canyon Rd 12

Because we did most of the work ourselves (everything except plumbing and electrical), and we were committed to paying cash as we went, it took us almost a year from start to finish.

But we were so happy with how it turned out!

Source list:

Cabinets: Cliq studios “Dayton” cabinets in White I HIGHLY recommend Cliq!!

Hardware: Restoration Hardware “Aubrey” pull in Bronze finish , cabinet “latch” on glass doors from Rejuvenation

Countertops: Marble from Stoneville USA

Range: Viking 48″ professional with double griddle ( Craiglist)

Hood: Broan 48″ (

Metal shelf: Universal 18 gauge 12″ x 48″ (

Refrigerator: 48″ Subzero (craigslist)

Dishwasher: Bosch 800 series (Pacific sales)

Sink:  Whitehaus 30″ farmhouse apron sink (Amazon)

Faucets: Kohler Artifacts  collection in polished nickel (Pacific Sales)

Backsplash: subway tile with dark gray grout, Shiplap (DIY)

Light fixtures: 3 Restoration hardware Gooseneck farmhouse sconces,  Pottery Barn Calhoun pendant

Barstools: Overstock Adan faux leather

One thought on “Kitchen: Before and After

  1. This kitchen is gorgeous! Great job Beth! I would be so sad to leave after all that work. I hope you are enjoying your new home just as much. I’m sure it is beautiful too. 😘


    Liked by 1 person

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