4 Words that can CHANGE your mom life

I’ve been a mom for almost 17 years. And I FINALLY figured out the best mom-hack EVER.

You see…I like to decorate my house.

But my kids DON’T CARE.

I like to organize closets and drawers.

But my kids DON’T CARE.

I like to de-clutter and keep everything tidy.

But my kids DON’T CARE.

I like to have the dishes and the laundry done.

But my kids DON’T CARE!

So… if I’m spending MOST of my time doing the things that they DON’T CARE about, WHAT is it that they ACTUALLY care about?

I don’t know WHY it took me SO LONG to figure out that the things that are important to me, are not important to them.


So what IS important to them? What do THEY care about? If it’s not a tidy, organized and beautiful home, then what?! What are the things that I should be doing that ACTUALLY please them?

Then it hit me.

4 words…


That’s it!! What my kids ACTUALLY want from me is to be HAPPY and to have FOOD ready for them to eat. It’s that simple.

How do I know this? Well, I reverse engineered it. When I am in a bad mood, they get in a bad mood. When I run out of food in the fridge, they fall apart.

But they DON’T get grumpy when there’s dishes in the sink. They DON’T get grumpy when the sofa slipcover is dirty. They DON’T get grumpy when the floors are messy. They don’t care.

When I’m cheerful and have lots of food to eat, they LOVE me. Like BEST MOM EVER kind of love.

Good Mood, Good Food.

Because being a mom isn’t EASY, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Try it! See if it’s true for your kids too!

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