My meal planning #momfail

I would say I’m an okay meal planner. Like slightly above average. I take the time every Monday morning to sketch out the week’s meals. I look through the store ads and make lists. Sometimes, I even look on Pinterest for dinner ideas. I’m not a total slacker. I buy things for breakfast. I buy things to pack in their lunch boxes. And I fix a variety of (semi-healthy) easy dinners. I keep the pantry stocked and fruit in a basket on the counter. Good enough, right?


There’s a meal of the day that I KEEP forgetting about. In fact, it’s my kids’ favorite meal of the day. The one where they eat the most. The meal where they wolf down so much food its like they just escaped captivity.

What meal am I talking about?


If your kids are like mine, they come home from school hungry. Like capital H hungry. You would think after 12 YEARS of school days, I would be better prepared. That I would be anticipating this “meal” of the day with at least a little bit of fore-thought and planning. But no. It STILL completely surprises me and throws me off my mom game. Every. Day.

It’s time to make a plan. (Fail to plan, and you plan to fail, right?)
Well I’ve been failing for 12 years. Time to do something about it. #momgoals

So here’s some after school snack ideas that my kids like that I’m gonna PLAN for. Even this week. (These have to be fast and easy to put together OR easy enough for the kids to make themselves. Otherwise forget about it.).

Bagel (or english muffin) pizzas

Grilled cheese sandwiches (bonus: tomato soup if I’m feeling really mom- awesome.)

Popcorn and Orange Julius smoothies (are we the only ones who make those?)

Cereal (don’t judge me)

Chips and salsa

Crackers and cream cheese

Nutella and graham crackers

Hard boiled eggs and toast

Ramen soup

Anything I should add to my list? What are your favorite after school snacks?

6 thoughts on “My meal planning #momfail

  1. One of my sons made the following for himself after practice today:
    1. Quesadilla with some left over taco meat we had
    2. Toasted bagel with butter
    3. Large scoop of ice cream
    4. Something else…but I forget now…I think a bowl of cereal
    *this was about an hour and a half before dinner, which he was still able to enjoy. So, yes, after school meals are important to my kids too 🤗 I like the reminder to plan ahead for them though, so there are plenty of good choices available.


  2. Josh decided he liked grilled cheese after having it at your house. 😉 Before I let them raid the pantry I first check to see if they bothered to finish their lunch.


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