My meal plan for the week

Monday mornings are when I do my meal planning. So I thought I’d share with you what I’m fixing my family for dinner this week! 🙂

This is a flexible plan, not set in stone. Sometimes the schedule changes and we just hit a drive-through or eat cereal. But these are the meals that I am adding to my grocery list and menu board this week…

Monday: Chicken stew with biscuits

Tuesday: Pork chops with apple butter and rice pilaf

Wednesday: Tortellini soup with Italian sausage and kale

Thursday: Baked salmon and wild rice

Friday: FFY (fend for yourself): left overs, sandwiches, eggs, etc.

Saturday: Meatball sub sandwiches

Sunday: Baked potatoes with toppings

Breakfasts: cereal, yogurt, toast, hard boiled eggs, freezer waffles, oatmeal

Lunches: leftovers, sandwiches, quesadillas, fruit, freezer burritos, chips, granola bars, string cheese

After school snack: bagels and cream cheese, fruit, popcorn, chips and salsa, grilled cheese sandwiches, nachos, Ritz crackers with pepperoni slices, banana bread

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